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Custom Services

Every project we undertake is a custom job, each as unique as the lives it has touched.

Relative to others, some projects are simple, and some are extremely complex.  To all, we apply meticulous attention to detail and years of hands-on experience.

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  • Residential & commercial
  • Custom furniture restoration
  • Furniture repair and refinishing
  • Kitchen updates
  • Door installation or replacement
  • Trim installation or replacement
  • Crown molding installation
  • Cabinet installations, repairs, replacements
  • Decorative Woodworking Solutions
  • Decks, Benches, and Outdoor Furniture
  • Shelving and Cases
  • Insurance claims

What we do

Repairs, Restoration, Kitchen Updates, & more

Since 1996, we at the Furniture Doctor have been offering quality service in Sudbury and area. Carl is a Certified Furniture Technician with 27 years of experience, and Louise has 12 years of experience.

Virtually everyone we do work for returns with additional pieces and/or sends their friends and family to see us. This is the greatest testament to our success. From the moment you enter our shop to the moment your furniture is delivered, we are 100% dedicated to your satisfaction. Honesty is our policy.

When is a repair not just a repair?

Restoration involves much more than simply putting a finish on a piece of furniture. It includes repairs such as replacing pieces, filling gouges or deep scratches, and sometimes delicately removing existing stains and finishes. It also includes re-gluing and re-strengthening the piece, whether it’s adding corner blocks, re-laminating a top, or re-gluing the drawers. Sometimes, caning (replacing the web, a chair seat, or a back) is involved. Other times it becomes necessary to make a new top for a table or dresser.

When repairing spindle chairs, all broken spindles are accurately duplicated on a lathe. The chair is then put back together with a special glue which we can guarantee will prevent your chairs from ever becoming loose again.

Refinishing and more…

Like refinishing, restoration also includes sanding. Sanding is very critical and is one secret to a beautiful, smooth finish. Sometimes, the amount of sanding we can do is limited, especially with veneers. Because veneers are often paper thin, sandpaper can go through them in seconds, depending on the type of wood and condition of the veneer. Sometimes, a little artwork or dark colours can hide marks.

The final step in the restoration process is applying a finish. Over the years, we’ve tried many different finishes, and the one that we find the most durable for furniture is an acid-cured lacquer. The results are unbelievable and speak for themselves.


More than just furniture!

We also restore pianos, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, contemporary pieces such as teak furniture.

We often do insurance work where there has been fire or water damage, and we are well acquainted with what needs to be done and working with insurance companies to help you through the process.

Repairing, refinishing, and restoring furniture, cabinetry, trim, woodwork, and millwork.  Whether machine-aided or meticulously hand crafted, it’s an art. The “artist” needs the patience, knowledge, and experience to produce the results you expect, and we have it all.

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Good quality furniture can last lifetimes, but accidents happen.  Furniture Doctor has the expertise to repair your pieces that can only be gained from decades of dedicated, hands-on experience. 

Refinishing & Restoration

We can refinish or restore anything from contemporary furniture to antiques, stand-alone cabinets to full kitchens, and every piece receives the same painstaking attention to quality and detail.

Kitchen Update

Whether refreshing, modernizing, refacing, or completely remodeling, we pride ourselves in working with kitchens — they are one of our specialties — everything from restoring your cabinets to their former glory to helping you achieve your dream kitchen.

We just wanted to send you a brief note to express our absolute delight at how the chairs look now that they are back in our kitchen. The repairs and refinishing have made them “better than new”… Not bad for solid oak kitchen manufacturing from the 40’s.

The saying “they don’t make them like that anymore” was disproven …. you did, and for that we thank you.

Stig & Donna Puschel

We are experienced

Serving Greater Sudbury since 1996

Each and every project we undertake involves something cherished to our clients, and we take great pride in honoring the trust placed in us.

Our quality, craftsmanship, and years of dedication speak for themselves.


About us

Providing the highest quality furniture repair, refinishing, and restoration services in the Greater Sudbury area

Testimonial – Barry and Tammy

When we bought our semi-detached home 14 years ago, we had just started our family. Our small kitchen screamed 1970s, and it wasn’t in the best of condition (water-damaged, faux butcher block countertop, dark brown cabinets that were highly worn, inaccessible cabinets...

Testimonial – Jackie Rodgers

I just wanted to say thank you. You restored my furniture after a fire this summer.  The dining room set is 40 years old.  I went with my parents as a 16-year-old kid to help pick it out because my dad said it would be mine after they passed.  Thank you for bringing...

Testimonial – Andrew Del Ben

Carl was a true professional through the whole process of refacing our kitchen cabinets. Our kitchen looks brand new, at an affordable price. He puts the “Pro” in Pro Cabinets and most importantly he takes pride in the finished product! Andrew Del BenSales...

Testimonial – Stig & Donna Puschel

Hi Carl & Louise, We just wanted to send you a brief note to express our absolute delight at how the chairs look now that they are back in our kitchen. The repairs and refinishing have made them “better than new”… Not bad for solid oak kitchen manufacturing from...

Testimonial – Gary and Linda Ziegler

Carl, We would like to let you know how pleased we are with the job that you did in refinishing our kitchen cupboards. We were initally unsure that that was the route that we wanted to take in our renovation project, but once we saw the results we are certainly glad...

Testimonial – Sue and Dan

We had occasion to deal with the Furniture Doctor in the renovations for our kitchen. To put it simply it was a enjoyable experience. Carl was approached about out renovations and he immediately came to the house surveyed the kitchen and within two days had a quote...

Some reasons to consider doing business with us:

Satisfaction is our #1 priority

Honesty is our policy

Proven track record with our clients

Dedicated and offer reliable service from concept to creation and delivery

Excellent workmanship

Great deal of experience

Specialize in antiques

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