When we bought our semi-detached home 14 years ago, we had just started our family. Our small kitchen screamed 1970s, and it wasn’t in the best of condition (water-damaged, faux butcher block countertop, dark brown cabinets that were highly worn, inaccessible cabinets that you had to blindly reach into to try and find things). But, we had limited budget and more pressing concerns.

Fourteen years later, we decided to update, but opted to move instead. We needed more space. We lived with the kitchen, but it desperately needed updating in order to sell. The problem was, how much do you spend updating a small kitchen in a semi-d without throwing away your money? We phoned many companies, contractors, and realtors, had many come to our house, were quoted on everything from major renovations to “slap a coat of paint on it.”

We came across Carl and The Furniture Doctor by accident, and we’re so happy we did. Between Carl and Louise, we comparatively saved a fortune and came up with a best scenario. They custom-built completely new lower cabinets, refaced our top cabinets, and made custom trim. The kitchen is brighter, looks completely modern, and access to the bottom cabinets (especially the corner) is so much better.

Carl and Louise are extremely down-to-Earth and very candid in their expert opinions. We couldn’t recommend them more highly!!

Barry and Tammy

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