Write an introduction to the post here.  Include only enough to introduce the article; the main details will go go below the gallery.

Consider including the following:

1. A basic description of the piece.

2. The age of the piece.

3. What the client was looking for.

4. Any client concerns



The details of the project/job go here.  Consider including the following:

1. A detailed of description of the piece.

2. Initial impressions when first looking at it.

3. Concerns you had, without going into detail here (broken/damaged parts, type of wood, finish, scope of work compared to what the client was looking at, is it an antique, parts that are missing or that need to be re-made to match the original, etc.

4. Go into details on any of the items noted in #3.

5. Afterthoughts on the work (including how the client felt, if you know).